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The music on this page is available for sync licensing.

All of the tracks included on this page can be made available in full and stem form (clean and explicit) upon request.
Please contact 
Jarrod Brown at for more information on using the music on this page.

Full Songs
Only Getting Better - Soul Papi
When We're Together - Spud&Hitter

"Only Getting Better" features smooth vocals surrounded by a laid back, old school hip-hop theme. #boombap, # lo-fi, #harmony

"When We're Together" is a modern R&B and Rap combo track with airy instrumentals and rough vocals. #R&B, # lo-fi, #rap

Crew Lit - Spudavell

"Crew Lit" will complete a club atmosphere with its bouncy drums and party-focused lyrics and subject matter. #trap, #party, #suggestive material

Fly - mipjrod

"Fly" features an anthemic vibe for a bravado fueled scene. #trap, #tense, #anthem

Creepin - mipjrod

"Creepin" has a down south, floating feel to it that epitomizes "cool" and is great for a laid back scene or theme. #trap, #lazy, #houston

Who Am I - Soul Papi

"Who Am I" is a deep and introspective track with boom-bap style drums and atmospheric sounds. Perfect for a montage or character development scenes. #Hip-Hop, #introspection, #dark

Not The Same - Young Cobain

"Not The Same" can be perfect in a make-up/break-up scene. The lyrics suggest optimism backed by an acoustic guitar. #R&B, #acoustic, #love/hate

Home Alone (feat. Soul Papi & BRITE)

"'Home Alone" is a traditional Hip-Hop song with warm frequencies. The rappers explain that although the idea of home may vary, they can still recite the chorus together. #Hip-Hop, #ambition, #chant

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