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Mixing Music
Why Mixing and Mastering?

Have you ever wanted your music played on the radio? Did you ever think that your song might be good on your favorite tv show or movie? Do you have a voice over or podcast you have recorded that you would like to sound more professional? Mixing and mastering is THE way to achieve a better and more quality sound. Let our professionals complete your project while you impress your fans and audience.

Why Music Is Passion?

We offer professional mixing and mastering services at affordable prices so that our clients can worry about their passion. We know that you need to get your project out to your audience asap so we have quick turn around times.

If you are working on a mixtape, EP, or LP we offer package prices. Fill out the form at the bottom of the page for more information.

Before-and-After Samples


Spudavell - Crew Lit (Before)
J-RoD - Dark Future (Before)
Yung Cobain - Knew Better (Before)


Spudavell - Crew Lit (After)
J-RoD - Dark Future (After)
Yung Cobain - Knew Better (After)
Beat Synthesizer
Beat Replacement

Custom Beat

What is Custom Beat Replacement?

It's 2021 and it's easier than ever to upload your songs to streaming platforms. It's also easy to obtain free beats. Because of this the music you acquire isn't always royalty free, or the producer is only giving you limited rights to the beat. At Music Is Passion we make it affordable to replace the beat with a custom instrumental. This way you have a new, original beat for your new, original song. Listen to some examples below.

Before-and-After Samples


Spudavell - T&T Before


Spudavell - T&T After

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